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Helraizer - Warlock Application 
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 Helraizer - Warlock Application
Hello Officers and Member of MP, This is my application. I hope I'm what you are looking for.

Personal Details(The man behind the character):

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jack and I live in Portsmouth, England. My hobbies are Playing World of Warcraft, Playing my guitar (even though I suck:D) and just generally socializing with my friends and family. I would say I am funny, friendly, reliable and helpful person, and always up for some fun. I am currently at college studying Business, which I am really enjoying at the moment and want to some how link it into Games design in the future.

Character details:

Name: Helraizer
Class: Warlock
Level: 80
Race: Blood elf
Spec: 0/41/30 (Always willing to respec if you need me to)
Main glyphs: Glyph of Felguard, Glyph of Immolate, Glyph of Corruption
Proffesions: Tailoring, Enchanting(In the process of levelling, Just switched skill)

Armoury Link: ... =Helraizer
I would say my gear isn't'amazing at the moment, but I have really been working hard on it lately.

Raiding times:

I am available to attend any raid you need me to. The raiding times are perfect for me.
Previous guilds
I started playing World Of Warcraft on the release of The Burning Crusade, I instantly made my Blood elf warlock and started my journey to level 70. I joined a newbie guild called 'Ressurected' Just to get my feet on the ground and realise my place in the game. You could say the guild was a 'My first guild' Kind of guild.

Once I hit 70 I joined a guild called 'Creatures Of Honour', to start taking the game to the next level, Raiding. In the guild we raided places like Kara, Black temple, SSC, but never eventually cleared many to be honest. This may have been to the fact that
1. Not many of us had been playing for long
2. It was an un-organised

Once I heard Wrath of the lich king come out I knew I had to put in all my effort into levelling and joining a organised raiding guild so I can clear what all of WOTLK's content. So I made a risk and left CoH and apply for 'The Wolf Guard'. To my surprise I accepted at level 74 and realised It was time to take the game seriously. I got to level 80 within that week so I could begin raiding with the guild. I developed my gear from Solidly doing heroics non-stop. Once I had 1500 spell power and 350 hit rating I knew I could begin raiding Naxxramas. I am currently in Plexy's guild Viribus Units, But I have spoke to him and he is fine if I leave.

With the wolf guard I cleared;
10 man naxx
10 man OS
10 man VoA

25 man VoA
25 man OS

I have done all the wings in Naxx 25 but never downed Saphh and Kel'thuzad. After time I noticed alot of new rules had come into place, and alts were aloud into raids with us. Many people were not happy with this so they left to seek a new guild. I was one of them people. My time in TWG was fun and educating, I learnt alot about Wrath of the lich king. The only place I havent done is Eye of Eternity although I do know the fight with malygos, as I have watch Tankspot do it many times. This is one of my reasons for applying to the guild.

Why MP?:

I know Mediocre Prodigies has a good reputation to hold, and I would like to make MP keep that reputation and raise there rankings to best guild in Runetotem. I can see myself being in Mediocre Prodigies for a long time, This is because I am a dedicated, focused, experienced and reliable player.

Warlock(My class and spec)
I would say I know my class well as I have used every spec at some point in the game. My spec at the moment is Demo/Destruction which I find nice for DPS and also a fun spec to use.
My Cycle is as follows:

Send in Felguard > CoE > Corruption > Immolate > Spam Incinerate

On bosses I usually use demonic empowerment which works well with the glyph of Felguard. In 10 man raids I usually produce 3k DPS maybe more on the Patchwerk fight, and I am usually top DPS. I know as a warlock I have certain duty's like Summoning people and Making a Soulwell, which I always check I have Soulshards ready to use, not forggeting Soulstone(Really important). I also always have a grand Firestone on my weapon to help my DPS reach its full potential.

I also know having a Class leader is a massive part in the guild. My class leader in TWG I respect alot as he has taught me so much about my class and helped me along the way. I know if I had a class leader in MP I would pay 100% attention to what he tells me to do, and follow his instructions as he would tell me this for my own benefit.

What can I offer MP?:
I sit here today, offering a Focused, Dedicated , Funny , Polite, Respectable player who is:

In raids:- Listening and letting the raid leaders get on and lead the raid. A player who always comes fully prepared with consumables, like flasks and buff foods. I am Never late and I see the raid all the way through, not worrying about wipes or repair bills as it is all part of the game. A person who trys his hardest to do what he has to do best(DPS).

Out of raids:- A funny and social person who is not afraid to get into talking straight away and having fun. A person always willing to help other members, if they have a question or an alt who needs help with a dungeon/Quest.

Additional Information:

I would like to also add that, In raids I am not worried about loosing out on an item as the way to progress and success is to make everyone in the guild well geared. This will be needed to complete the long awaited Ulduar, as I'm sure many of you are as eager as me to start raiding that place. I believe I would be a good person to have in your guild because I have good communication skills and am always prepared to take critism.

I has been a pleasure to apply to such a good guild. Thank you for taking your time and reading my application.

Best regards

Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:49 am
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 Re: Helraizer - Warlock Application
What a lovely app - thanks for posting it, Helraizer :)

Your general attitude and view of the game is one we appreciate around here. I would like to have a chat with you in game and will be looking for you soon - probably as Sengria or Squiggy. Looking forward to talking with you.

Sat Apr 04, 2009 3:04 pm

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Post Re: Helraizer - Warlock Application
Thanks for reading my application Pook,
I look forward to talking to you in game

Kindest Regards,

Sat Apr 04, 2009 5:15 pm
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Post Re: Helraizer - Warlock Application
Portsmouth :D/

"The reason I yell Death so much is because I'm really yelling Life, because you can't have Death without Life, right?"

Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:33 pm

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Post Re: Helraizer - Warlock Application
Sorry to say that I have to withdraw my application as I have achieved the rank of Class Leader in the guild i'm in at the moment, This means I will staying with them.

Sorry for wasting all your time, and good luck with Ulduar


Fri Apr 10, 2009 2:47 pm
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Post Re: Helraizer - Warlock Application
Sounds nice for you.. best of luck with them! :)

Fri Apr 10, 2009 2:56 pm
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